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Simply take our your phone, scan the QR code or click on the link. Click a selfie and fill in the information. It’s that simple!

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What Our Patients Say

Like most people I have an irrational fear of going to the dentist. But this office has single handedly change my whole outlook and feelings about the dentist. The whole staff is super friendly, easy going, and best of all, very knowledgeable in their work. I FOUND MY FOREVER DENTIST!
Testimonial - Singh Dental Center
Rachael Schlotter


When you walk in the door you feel greeted, you feel welcomed. A lot of people will walk into a dentist afraid, you don’t need to be afraid, Dr. Singh welcomes you, her staff, everybody is very warm and shows their feelings towards you. She really makes you enjoy the experience.
Singh Dental Center ,Tracy - CA

Dr Singh is a wonderful dentist. She's a professional with her work, my experience with her was amazing, she worked on my root canal and I didnt feel a thing. Dr Singh provides a comfortable and clean environment, not to mention how knowledgeable she is when it comes to a major problem I'm having with my teeth or my kids teeth. I highly recommend her as a family dentist.
Testimonial - Singh Dental Center
Mark H


What I like most about Dr. Singh is that she is very gentle and that she is very thorough on explaining all the procedures that you might have to go through or may go through that day. Her staff has always been super friendly and they have always worked with on payments and they are very flexible. I would highly recommend Dr. Singh to anyone who is looking to change dentist or looking to get dental work done.
Testimonial - Singh Dental Center

From the injections to the sound of the drill's bit grinding away on your teeth, it is just not something anyone can look forward to enduring when visiting the dentist on a weekend. This being said, I have never in my entire life imagined such a painless experience involving dentistry. The staff are very professional, gentle and take care to manage the patient's experience. I am absolutely astonished with today's visit. It is impossible for me to tell anyone that it was fun, and I won't, but I am very relieved and feeling great! Thank you to Singh Dental!!
Jonathan G


We have been coming to Dr. Singh since they were born and me even before that. They love coming to Dr. Singh, they just look forward to their six month appointment. WE LOVE DR. SINGH!
Testimonial - Singh Dental Center
Sudhi, Meha, Ira & Ahren
San Ramon

I highly recommend Dr Singh. I've had several filling filled and a tooth pulled and can't believe I feel great. The whole staff is top notch. And I highly recommend them. My teeth never looked better.
Jeff P
Altamount Village

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Payment plan - Singh Dental Center
Payment plan - Singh Dental Center
Payment plan - Singh Dental Center

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