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Traditional crowns can sometimes take up to multiple weeks, at Singh Dental Center in Tracy, California, Dr. Singh can give you a straighter and brighter smile with veneers or crowns in a single visit using CEREC® CAD/CAM.  If you’d like to learn how Dr. Shailaja Singh can improve the appearance of your teeth, call the office or book an appointment online today.

What is the difference between CEREC® and traditional crowns?

A traditional procedure requires at least two appointments and a few weeks of waiting. The first appointment involves a consultation during which the dentist will get an impression of your tooth and place a temporary crown.  These impression(s) are sent to a dental lab, which use this impression to create a crown that resembles the structure of your natural tooth. This process can take several weeks.


However, a CEREC® crown uses CAM/CAD technology to fabricate a crown in the dentist’s office with-in a couple of hours. Therefore, you do not have to wait to get your new teeth.


CEREC® CAD/CAM is a highly sophisticated CAD/CAM machine that mills your teeth in just 2 hours. Instead of an impression of the teeth, CEREC® uses a digital image of the teeth that allows for a precise fitting crown. As a result, there are no temporaries and no need for a second visit. CEREC® CAD/CAM is less invasive and delivers durable, natural looking crowns in a snap.

What are the advantages of CEREC® one day crowns?

CEREC® CAD/CAM crowns are matched to your natural teeth and are more convenient to get than their traditional counterparts. In addition, CEREC® crowns are metal free, so all you see in the mirror is natural tooth color. There is no messy impressions, unpredictable temporaries, and ill-fitting permanent crowns because CEREC® CAD/CAM uses digital imaging so you get a precise fit without all the mess. There is no need for a second visit as you get your permanent crown(s) on the same day.

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